Why is having a credit rate below 0% not possible in France?

Back on why home loans and interest rates below zero percent are not compatible in France. A few weeks ago, the news pointed out that the Danish population has mortgage interest rates below 0%. Needless to say, this is a real opportunity for these borrowers who earn money by going into debt to become homeowners. However, the Danish […]

Credit repurchase for married couples: mode of operation

Any couple united by the bonds of marriage can carry out a repurchase of credit. For spouses, the operation is conditioned and implemented according to several parameters, which the bank will not fail to control. How is a loan buy-back for a married couple structured? The answer here! The repurchase of credit while being married, […]

Consumer credit: Principles, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

Consumer credit is granted by credit institutions to individuals to enable them to finance the most important expenses, in particular to acquire durable goods. Auto credit and work credit are two forms of consumer credit. Consumer credit is very diverse, by its very nature: it adapts to your needs, and varies according to the nature […]